This workbook can do more than just identify the things you love, it can reveal patterns of interests, lifestyle, values, and even give you a glimpse into facets of your life that you might not have ever considered.  Armed with true, valuable contemporary insights about personal preferences, you can more effectively focus on your goal of finding a "best fit" career, retirement interests or academic direction.

Nancy – "Who would have thought!  After twelve years of marriage I thought I was a sports fan.  Steve’s 20 Loves literally opened my eyes to the true nature of this attraction and all the other things I had let go to be in a relationship. Oh, I’m still into sports, but now I have a schedule of so much more to enjoy on a regular basis."

Sara "My first year of college was brutal.  I still wasn’t certain what I wanted to do. Friends would ask “so, what do you want to do?” and I would draw a blank. The 20 Loves helped me align my academic direction with some genuine personal interests that I had never before clearly acknowledged. The 20 Loves is a great exercise for students."


The 20 Loves is a workbook designed to lead you through an activity of immediate and lifelong enrichment.

Sometimes, to feel better about living, we need to change the way we think about living.

Pat "We did Steve’s 20 Loves as a couple’s exercise.  We were both about to retire at the same time.  We were casting about, wondering what we would do with ourselves.  I never thought much about the issue before.  The 20 Loves exercise answered many questions. We rediscovered many things we had in common and which we had just not done in decades."

Teresa – "Steve suggested the 20 Loves to me about five years ago before it had evolved into a workbook.  I had been in a very dark place due to personal tragedies and found the core exercise to be incredibly helpful. I still carry my 20 Loves with me every day and find great joy in once again doing the things I love on a regular basis.  The exercise also brought deep insight and connection into many personal relationships which continue to evolve and grow.  I now recommend the 20 Loves to my family and dear friends."