20 Loves has a foundation in the concept of Values Clarification.  The exercise has been used in hundreds of group settings and by thousands of workshop participants.  Unlike many “teambuilding” and extracurricular corporate functions, the 20 Loves provides an opportunity for true management insight, inspirational leadership and a sustained positive impact on corporate culture. 

Imagine doing the 20 Loves as a group exercise and coming away with genuine data about your team members.  Beyond the mere discussion point value, this data is the basis of improved interpersonal connections, empathy and even a personalized task assignment and rewards system.  

Every good journey benefits from a roadmap.  The 20 Loves workbook can become a roadmap, of sorts, for such a journey.  This workbook is easy to use, follows a well-established process, and addresses many of the common questions that come up along the way.

Randy—"Steve had me do the 20 Loves as the first step in my reentry into the workforce.  I had been unemployed for over eleven years, raising my son as a single parent.  The 20 Loves is an incredibly insightful process.  I had felt totally lost, incompetent and hopeless.  The 20 Loves helped me define my strengths and those things that bring me inspiration and joy. With this valuable insight I was able to narrow my job search and feel great about myself, and what I’m doing."

Eric – "I had worked with Steve on the 20 Loves many years ago and had totally forgotten how great a tool it is. As an executive within the medical research field, it’s all too easy to get caught up in everything external.  My advice to everyone is to do the exercises outlined in Steve’s workbook, and enjoy lifelong value derived from the process."