Abandoning our loves happens insidiously, like rust, until we’re just maintaining the basics.

The 20 Loves workbook is designed to lead you through an activity of immediate and lifelong enrichment. The 20 Loves has been developed over 40 years.  You’ll read more about how this workbook evolved when reading it. 

Randy– "Amazing! Steve had me do the 20 Loves as the first step in my re-entry into the workforce...  What an incredibly insightful process." 

Dianna - "Fantastic management tool! Steve introduced the 20 Loves to the Board members of our non-profit.  This was a group exercise and something that is now part of our corporate culture.  Don’t let this one slip past without giving it a try."

​​A Workbook for Rediscovery

The 20 Loves process can be used in a personal, interpersonal and organizational setting.  Tested and applied, in a myriad of such settings, doing the 20 Loves can bring transformational change for individuals and groups.  Read what some users have said about their experience with the 20 Loves: